One of the most important components to the success of any community involvement is creating a community-based Planning and Review Committee (PRC). Members of this committee should represent key interest groups in the community and support the school district. The PRC should be manageable in size (12-18 people), as well as flexible and available to meet through the process of developing the assessment and subsequent options.

The PRC would ideally have members who represent the School Board, the city administration, the school administration and a parent organization, as well as key industry or economic development groups. The group’s role is to preview information that will be shared with the larger community, act as an initial sounding board, and facilitate disseminating information or requests for input and review.

Schmidt Associates uses three levels of community involvement:

•  Information Gathering
•  Community Input on Options and Opportunities
•  Community Review of and Comments on Solutions and Directions

Good strategic planning and community involvement will help your corporation build a solid foundation on which to proceed.