We don’t just design spaces, we enhance lives. We listen first—engaging not just you, but also your stakeholders, staff, and community. Our architects bring transformational options tailored to your vision, ensuring the final product reflects you, not us.


Our MEPT engineers focus on technical details that elevate comfort both energy and cost-efficiency. Whether it’s a new build, retrofit, or maintenance, you can count on our engineering team for precise and efficient system design and implementation.


Sustainability isn’t just a goal, it’s our standard. Our energy team is integral to each project, ensuring your building is efficient and resilient. They work with architects to optimize design, select high-performing equipment, and assist you in securing energy rebates and certifications.

Interior Design

We co-create spaces guided by your vision and our expertise. Using the philosophy of servant leadership, our interior designers focus on aligning every detail with your mission and budget while designing beautiful (maintainable) space.


Our civil engineers and landscape architects take your project beyond the building. Whether urban or natural, we harmonize your project with its surroundings. We excel in designing captivating, nature-focused spaces that are good for the environment and for your stakeholders.

Construction Administration

The job isn’t done at design completion. We stay on board to ensure your project’s success from start to finish. Our construction administration team collaborates with contractors and construction managers, focusing on quality, budget, and your best interests to transition smoothly from blueprint to reality.

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