Schmidt Associates: A Legacy of Innovation and Service, Est. 1976

On July 4, 1976, Wayne Schmidt declared his design independence. With a vision grounded in Servant Leadership, he established Schmidt Associates. His ethos? If you want to lead a project, serve the clients’ needs. The firm blossomed from a one-man show to a thriving team, and by 1981, we had relocated to Massachusetts Avenue, an area ripe for transformation. Schmidt Associates became a catalyst in the avenue’s metamorphosis back into Indianapolis’ cultural heart. Our headquarters still proudly stands there today. Decades of growth saw our influence and project scale skyrocket. Commemorating our 40th year in 2016, we were honored by Mayor Joe Hogsett and the Indianapolis City-County Council for our transformative community impact.

Arrasmith: A Rich Tapestry of Design, Est. 1926

Arrasmith’s journey began in 1926 with William Arrasmith and Herman Wischmeyer in Louisville, Ky. Known for his Art Moderne architectural style, William Arrasmith etched his legacy in Greyhound bus stations nationwide and iconic landmarks like Bowman Field airport and the 800 Building in Louisville. Pioneers in healthcare design since the 1960s, Arrasmith’s portfolio includes Kentucky’s first LEED-certified research building and hospital, showcasing a commitment to sustainable and innovative design.

2020: A New Chapter with Arrasmith

Our story took a pivotal turn in 2020. Under CEO Sarah Hempstead’s leadership, we welcomed the storied Louisville firm, Arrasmith (AJRC), into our fold. This merger expanded our team to more than 130 diverse professionals and broadened our reach across the globe. Today, Schmidt Associates, with a combined lineage over 130 years and projects across 28 states and 7 countries, stands testament to our enduring commitment to servant leadership and our “Better Foresight. Better Insight. Better On-Site.” philosophy.

Schmidt Associates Today

Our integrated approach, encompassing architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, and MEPTC engineering, has designed community assets, centers of learning, and healing environments. Our designs foster learning, healing, collaboration, and community. As we march forward, we carry the combined heritage of Schmidt Associates and Arrasmith, committed to shaping environments that resonate with purpose and vision.

As a comprehensive services firm specializing in architecture, engineering, energy, interior design, and construction administration, we operate regionally, with offices in Indianapolis, Ind., and Louisville, Ky., working with clients (after four decades) to transform the places where people, live, work, and play.

  • Better


    Knowing what lies ahead means meeting and matching possible obstacles before they turn into potentially fatal objections. We identify stakeholders, recognize roadblocks, and align agendas to prepare the ground well before we clear it.

  • Better


    Knowing how our clients think and feel helps us understand their ambitions and empathize with their aspirations. We identify what people want from spaces and we use the resulting insight, best practices, and defensible data to design places that enhance life and reward investments.

  • Better


    Knowing exactly what needs to happen long before we get to the site means that being on-time, on-spec, and on-budget are fully realized. We don't overcharge, and we don't do overruns. We do stay around to extend a supporting hand and, and long after project handover.