Can a thoughtfully designed space improve a student’s journey and educational outcomes from kindergarten through high school? We believe it can. Our K-12 Studio is committed to crafting educational spaces that prioritize individual learning needs and district missions while providing safe, beautiful, immersive spaces for learning. Join us in shaping the future, one student at a time.

K-12 Studio Contacts

  • Anna Marie Burrell Principal-in-Charge
  • Kyle Miller Principal-in-Charge
  • Nick Holmes Client Liaison
  • Ben Bain Business Development Representative | Principal
  • Kathryn Giles Business Development Representative
  • “The most impressive elements in working with Schmidt Associates has been their collaboration skills and communication. Schmidt Associates has taken the time to listen to the needs of both staff and administration and molded designs to meet those needs.”

    Greg Hunt Chief Financial Officer, LaPorte Community School Corporation
  • “One of the reasons Schmidt Associates was so successful with our community and staff was that they became part of the fabric of the community and people saw them as one of us.”

    Dr. Lawrence Veracco Superintendent, Lake Central School Corporation
  • “Schmidt Associates brings a team that will listen and take pride in designing schools that fit the needs of students and staff alike. This company operates with a high level of integrity.”

    Dr. Shawn Smith Superintendent, MSD of Lawrence Township
  • “The innovative, cost-effective, and functional designs developed by Schmidt Associates have resulted in cutting-edge spaces for our students and staff. The team listens to our needs and wants and designs projects to accommodate their clients.”

    Dr. Lawrence Veracco Superintendent, Lake Central School Corporation
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