What is a deep bench and why is it important to you?   As consumers of services, you want those services to be easy to use and simple to navigate. You appreciate having one point of contact to address an issue.

Firms often describe themselves as having a “deep bench” or a “comprehensive architecture and engineering firm.” This means a firm can provide in-house services for architectural design; mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineering; technology design; civil engineering and landscape architecture; planning; and more.

The benefits of using a comprehensive architecture and engineering firm include:

•  An owner can ask the question once; he/she can request a change once; he/she can express a concern once, and the issue will be addressed.
•  A comprehensive firm allows changes and modifications to be made almost seamlessly.  Engineers and architects are working in unison to be sure the project works.
•  Using a comprehensive firm results in time efficiency and, at the end of the day, time = money.

Choosing a design firm with a deep bench of experience and services gives you efficiency, cost savings, and ease of use.