In mid-September, Schmidt Associates posted an online quiz called “Higher Education Archibabble – Knowledgeable or Naïve.” As part of the quiz, there were several acronyms (a.k.a. alphabet soup) which described higher education trends, teaching methodologies, etc. Since then, we’ve been asked to elaborate on the acronyms, as well as to share how these concepts are incorporated in the built, higher educational environment.

LLC – Living Learning Community
An LLC is a residential living arrangement, where college/university students of similar educational pursuits are brought together. This living arrangement is an intentional extension of the classroom learning experience, which is purposefully complimented in the living environment. Parents, as well as students, love this setup because it connects students to others of similar interests much earlier in their college/university experiences, making a larger campus community much more accessible. Many freshmen on campuses across the country now have the option of choosing to live in an LLC—immediately immersing them in a community—sharing new experiences with others who share their major.

Below is an exterior, rendered view of Ball State University’s Johnson A Complex, where emerging technologies students will live starting in the Fall of 2015. This residence hall has many features that allow these students to collaborate on projects in the comfort of their own living quarters. The 5th floor lounge space incorporates video production technology and enhanced communication features so that groups can practice their future profession and develop content after hours.

Ball State University Johnson A Complex Exterior Rendering

Ball State University’s Johnson B Complex, currently in development, will house the theater/dance/design students beginning in the fall of 2017. This LLC will include specialized features such as a dance rehearsal room and a black-box theater (a minimalist theater space where scenery is stripped out into its purest form). These highly specialized spaces can be “checked out” or rented by the students living in this residence hall, to practice individually or in small groups, at any time.

LLC’s are quickly becoming more and more prominent on university campuses across the country because of their ability to enhance the collaborative learning experience. To learn more about LLC’s, feel free to contact Beth Wood of Schmidt Associates at