At Schmidt Associates, we take immense pride in our dual roles as both guardians of architectural heritage and active contributors to the communities we serve. Our dedication to historic preservation is intertwined within our commitment to community service, particularly through our ongoing partnerships with organizations that share our passion for history and civic engagement.

Preserving Legacies
There’s a special phenomenon in architecture wherein a beautiful building continues to shape a community’s core values, even if the building itself falls to the pressures of time. One such beloved building is Louisville’s iconic Greyhound bus station designed by William S. Arrasmith in 1930. That design set the stage for additional station designs throughout the country that epitomized the “Streamline Moderne” style that revolutionized bus terminal design. Our involvement in these projects goes beyond just design. The drawings also preserved a piece of the American narrative that has etched bus travel into a cherished part of our nation’s culture.

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In 2022, Principal-in-Charge J.R. Robertson and Senior Architectural Designer/Associate J.M. Chovan made a significant contribution to this legacy by donating the original drawings to the Filson Historical Society in Louisville, Ky. These drawings not only highlight the architectural innovation of their era but also serve as a reminder of the impact that thoughtful design can have on public perception and community spaces.

Community Engagement and Volunteering
Beyond our architectural projects. I am honored to serve as the volunteer liaison between the American Institute of Architects Central Kentucky Chapter (AIA CKC) and the Filson Historical Society to sponsor a summer fellowship in historic preservation. Through this opportunity, I have witnessed the impact that happens when people and organizations work together to protect and promote our local heritage. Our efforts are aimed at digitalizing the rich architectural history and culture of Kentucky and the Ohio Valley, as well as showcasing award-winning projects by Kentucky architects.

Through AIA CKC, members also participate in educational programs, workshops, and events that help raise awareness of the importance of historic preservation. These activities help in safeguarding our architectural history and foster a sense of pride and ownership. By working together, we can show and tell the importance of historic preservation in society.

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Looking Ahead
With an eye toward the future and offering a nod to our past, we are excited about the opportunities to further integrate our practice within local communities. Through our work, our goal is to to protect the treasures of yesteryear while playing the role of community stewards. With our dedication to historic preservation and active involvement in volunteering, we are building a living legacy of preservation and community service that will endure.

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*Megan Smith, AIA, is a project manager for Schmidt Associates who has a passion for bringing project visions to life for Owners by helping them articulate and define their needs within budget and with strong creative teams. When she isn’t collaborating with Owners and internal teams, she can likely be found restoring the historic Wigwam Village in Cave City, Ky. with her partner, Keith.