This is part of a series of blog postings of Schmidt Associates architects’ responses to the American Institute of Architects (AIA)-Indianapolis invitation to write letters to Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard. Architects submitted big or small ideas to improve the urban built environment for Indianapolis and were on display at The Hall during June and July of 2014. Follow our blog to see future posts.

Dear Mayor,

Indianapolis is quickly becoming one of the most pedal-powered cities in the Midwest. Let’s grab the momentum of the newest component—the bike share stations—to solve our Easter Egg Hunt problem. “What Egg Hunt problem”, you ask? Simply this—a great egg hunt has treasures everywhere, but they are not easy to find. Indy shouldn’t be like that—let’s showcase all the cool, hip, interesting things there are to do downtown.

That is where the Bike Share locations come into play. With small and large investments, each station could act as an Interactive Concierge Mini-Plaza. Locations could include:

1. An interactive touchscreen with access to:
•  Today’s events around the city
•  Historic site maps
•  Museum and cultural site maps
•   Restaurants
•  Parks
•  Live music
2. Space for integration of local art (maybe 10 artists’ interpretation of the city—one at each station).
3. Space to sit in the slope
4. Space for a food truck (or many)
5. Public restrooms

The interactive Concierge Mini-Plazas highlight what makes Indy fun, interesting, and unique. Let’s celebrate what we love by making it easy to find.

Say hello to Winnie.


Sarah Hempstead, AIA, LEED AP