Engineers always promise to create an energy model for each project — but what do they mean and why should you care?

Energy Model Diagram BAWhat should you expect at each phase? Like the rest of the facility design, energy modeling grows in detail and complexity at each stage of project development.

Design Performance Modeling during concept and schematic design evaluates:
•  Wall-to-window ratios (how do we balance light vs. energy efficiency?)
•  Effective shading elements
•  Building positioning on the site for maximum energy efficiency

Building Energy Modeling during design development and conceptual design evaluates:
•  Mechanical system effectiveness and differentiators
•  Zoning variables
•  Potential energy costs

Building Operation Modeling during post construction and operation evaluates:
•  Building performance verification
•  Opportunities for optimization

Integrating the right level of energy modeling at each stage in the process ensures that your building is designed and built to save both energy and money. It’s well worth the up-front investment for long-term savings!