“It started with the students, and it ended with the students.”

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Greg Hunt, Chief Financial Officer for LaPorte Community School Corporation (LPCSC), has held this position for seven years and has worked with the school corporation for a total of 20 years.

Our team has partnered with LPCSC administration on a variety of projects within the school district. One of the most significant was a renovation and addition that created the new LaPorte Kesling Campus, a combined intermediate and middle school housing fifth through eighth grade students.

This project was a result of the consolidation of LaPorte’s two aging middle schools, Boston Middle School and Kesling Middle School. The new campus allows for the separation of grades, when necessary, with a multitude of shared spaces and resources that facilitate strategic interaction between all students.

Watch the video above for Greg’s perspective on the process, results, and his advice for other Owners embarking on similar projects.

Learn more about this building and how it has improved the student experience.