Owner Perspective: Ball State University North Residence Hall

This semester, students moved into the new North Residence Hall at Ball State University. A part of the campus’ North Residential Neighborhood, the hall closely accompanies two other residence halls, a dining hall, and a fourth residence hall currently under construction.

The 496-bed residence hall is a science, technology, and math Living-Learning Community. It includes hotel-like features, like a fireplace and grand piano in the lobby, spacious kitchenettes, two-story study lounges with a view, and an outdoor firepit, as well as modern amenities and technology, like a makerspace with 3D printing lab, fitness room, and snow-melting heated sidewalks. The building is on track for LEED Silver certification.

Watch the video above to hear Alan Hargrave, AVP of Student Affairs and Director of Housing & Residence Life, and Greg Graham, Director of Facilities Planning, talk about what informed the design process, some of their favorite features, and what the project accomplishes for the university.


North Residence Hall Design Partners: SCBRundell Ernstberger Associates