Between 38th and 39th Street, adjacent to the Damien Center, is a building that stands as a symbol of community, collaboration, and empowerment. The Girls, Inc. organization, with its mission to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold, has recently undergone an interior renovation that mirrors the essence of their purpose.

Discover our Midtown Impact

A Vision for Change
With the unique character of a midcentury-modern building as the backdrop, the offices were in need of a layout upgrade and aesthetic improvement. Driven by the organization’s commitment to foster professional and robust lives for girls, a vision for a transformed space began taking shape.

Collaboration at Its Best
This vision came to life because of the collaborative effort spearheaded by Schmidt Associates. A team of architects and interior designers known for their innovative and human-centric approach to design put their minds together to create a welcoming space that speaks to the heart of the Girls, Inc. mission. With generous support from Lowe’s Home Improvement and working with Summit Construction, the project got underway.

The Night and Day Transformation
The renovation touched nearly every corner of the facility. A standout feature is the lobby, now boasting a vibrant mural by local artist Eduardo Luna, inviting visitors into a world of inspiration and empowerment. The creation of an open workspace, complete with aesthetically placed furniture, revolutionizes the organization’s operational environment. One of the most fun and transformative changes was converting the dreary basement staff break room into a Zen-based experience that transports one into a comfortable, relaxing space.

The introduction of small conference rooms and offices with new carpets and fresh paint, alongside programming spaces, marks a significant upgrade from the previous setup. These changes have beautified the space and made it more functional and conducive to the important work being carried out by Girls, Inc.

Peeling Back the Layers of Interior Design

Community and Volunteerism
A unique aspect of the renovation was the involvement of community volunteers, fulfilling a stipulation of the Lowe’s grant. This hands-on contribution by volunteers in the painting process added a personal touch to the project. This brought out the best in community service within the walls of the building.

Making It Happen
The success of this project can be attributed to the seamless communication and collaboration between the Girls, Inc. team and the Schmidt Associates architectural and interior design teams, made up by Eddie Layton, Alvin Laguerre, Kathryn Roche, and Lauren Burke. A special recognition goes to Lauren for her innovative space planning and creativity in the selection and use of finishes that stayed within the fixed budget, which led to the project’s success.

A New Modern Space
The Girls, Inc. office shows what can be achieved when a community comes together to support a noble cause. The renovation is not just physical; it represents a more productive, welcoming, and inspiring environment for the young girls it serves.

A Happy Owner
Servant leadership is at the heart of our work, and hearing that a new space meets their goals is the highest reward. Feedback from the Girls, Inc. team was positive, sharing that the transformation of the spaces matched their original vision. The creative use of space and finishes and the overall use of Lowe’s products were highlighted as key elements of the project’s success.

Girls Empowering Girls
As a WBE organization, Schmidt Associates strongly supports Girls, Inc., and their mission. The building renovation is a shining example of how the physical environment can inspire and empower, and it speaks to the power of collaboration, community involvement, and a shared vision for a brighter future.

Designed to be Inclusive – Schmidt Associates’ Journey to WBE

This project reimagines what it means to create spaces that nurture growth, development, and empowerment for young women. For Girls, Inc., their newly designed space is now perfectly aligned with their mission of inspiring young girls to be strong, smart, and bold.