With the recent launch of Look Up, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) is working “to reconnect the public with architecture and position new generations of architects as catalysts of growth and visionaries for renewal.”

Since its inception, Schmidt Associates has a legacy of active AIA generational involvement whose roots lie in servant leadership, a defining element of our firm. The legacy includes individuals who authored the first-ever comprehensive local architectural purview—Indianapolis Architecture—serve as the National Chair of the AIA Committee on Design, serve on the National AIA Board of Directors, as well as numerous years of leadership on local and state level boards.

Our deep investment in AIA stems from a corporate value that we should purposely continue the discussion of design excellence among ourselves, with other professionals, and within the community. This level of engagement extends well beyond today’s notion of networking to become purposeful in working with colleagues to accomplish the mutual goals of those larger AIA realms.

In addition to the multiple professional services contracts provided by the AIA to the design and construction industry, the AIA provides our membership with professional development, education, and engagement opportunities through a myriad of focused conferences, online learning, and annual national conventions. These opportunities lead to personal and professional growth through travel and explorations of new design work in cities across the globe, strong connections to colleagues with whom to build alliances and team with to pursue new work, and the ability to work together to impact governmental decisions at all levels with a common voice. The focus of these pursuits is ultimately to advance the quality of life through design for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

The commitment to AIA is important for those hiring architects. It means you are getting a professional committed to the overall community, lifelong learning, and professional excellence in the architectural field.