Those moments when something sweet pops up unexpectedly carry us through a lot of mire sometimes. There is a place inside us that knows life holds such treasure. We would all work ourselves to the bone to produce it if we could, but that kind of wealth is not a product, it’s a by-product.

One place this can be seen is in the process of collaboration. While our first association with this is likely to be people working together on some project, collaboration is also the optimal model for conflict resolution. Nothing sucks the fire out of a contentious dispute like having someone want to work with you!

Every person has the potential to develop the skillful means of collaboration if they will create a safe space where things can happen, and cultivate their own humanity bit-by-bit along with others. The un-owned space where all parties can express their needs and offer their gifts becomes a magical place when those needs and gifts are respected.

Would we not get further, faster if our approach to any project or problem began with the intention of first honoring all parties and giving them their ‘time-share’ in that space? We would likely produce more successful outcomes, better solutions, AND increase those sweet pop-ups that occur when we bring greater humanity to our joint endeavors.

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.”

—H.E. Luccock