Security planning and implementation is critical to keep students and faculty safe in educational facilities. Security vestibules provide additional protection by adding a secured space. Vestibules are secured spaces with two of more sets of doors and an office sign-in area. Once a visitor has signed in and been identified as an authorized visitor, the doors from the sign-in area to the school are electronically unlocked.

In addition to the added security of knowing who is visiting the school, a security vestibule also serves as a single point of entrance for students who are late to school or coming from an appointment, because all other doors to the school remain locked while school is in session.

There are three simple steps of properly functioning security vestibules.

1. The concept of a security vestibule is that visitors enter the vestibule.

2. Next, they are required to enter the office to check in before gaining access to the rest of the building.

3. The set of doors between the vestibule and the school remain locked and only open out.