Schmidt Associates believes the purpose behind design is to act passionately and intentionally using our Core Principles of Design, which are the mirrors of our kaleidoscope.

The fourth principle is Spirit. It can be the most challenging to capture, but it is the soul of the building and what makes it memorable to all who visit or work there. A building’s spirit is strongest when derived from something meaningful to the Owner, such as their mission, vision, or values. Our goal with each project is to search for that spirit with the Owner to achieve a unique design spirit that transcends the expected design and is rooted in the Owner’s values.

The spirit of a project can bring a building and its site to life in many ways. The most important and memorable is the feeling it imparts to people who live and work in it. A building should feel appropriate to its time and place and be closely integrated with its site. They should be imagined together, conveying a common design language and character. The building can employ natural daylight to bring the outside in and provide an unexpected and uplifting sense of delight and inspiration. The spirit of a building can create curiosity and provide a bold “wow” factor, while remaining inviting. Spirit can alter the way people feel about their workplace and the work they do.

It is an innate part of who we are at Schmidt Associates to raise the level of design quality throughout all disciplines by assuring the purpose, durability, and spirit of each project.