The purpose behind design at Schmidt Associates is to act passionately and intentionally out of our Core Principles of Design, which are the mirrors of our kaleidoscope.

The components of a design project are like the pieces of a kaleidoscope. The pieces can fit together in countless ways, and with each turn of the kaleidoscope something new is revealed. Schmidt Associates uses this philosophy for design projects, making sure we explore options in various scenarios before finalizing design.

Schmidt Associates 4 Core Principles of Design include:
1. Strategic
2. Stewardship
3. Integrity
4. Spirit.

Each core principle is based on attributes that link to the principle itself. Designers keep all of the core principles in mind, and the final solutions always include some aspects of each core principle, although some ultimately may have a greater influence than others.

We’ll explore each of the principles more fully in subsequent blog postings.