Building Quality Depends On Decision Quality.

And Quality Decisions Need Rock Solid Foundations.

In times of budget pressure, every capital project in every school has to make the best possible sense for all stakeholders. Our assessment-based approach provides a trustworthy and transparent foundation for key decisions.

Every Decision Rationale Needs To Be Rational

It goes without saying that every administrator, every educator, and every parent wants the very best for every aspect of their students’ learning journey. Yet it rarely needs to be pointed out that there is huge pressure on financial resources too. Reconciling the ideal with the feasible is both an art and a science. With Schmidt Associates’ process, the science is present and proven. We don’t deal in approximations. We do apply a method of analyzing a situation that, while recognizing fully the emotional investment involved, also addresses the bottom line.

Our Conditional Facility Assessment takes an expert and structured look at all the school structures and other physical issues involved in a potential project. Our in-house specialists assess the key categories of site conditions, building shell, building interior, and equipment and environmental conditions. We carefully and objectively score conditions and performance against a five-point scale and allocate a suitability rating to the individual components of the school’s built estate. We then calculate a dollar projection for the costs associated with bringing each component up to optimum standards.

When Everything Is A Priority, It’s Crucial To Understand Real Urgency

Schmidt Associates’ assessment-based insights replace speculation with the accurate information that administrators and educators need to take rational, high-quality decisions. This information can help optimize decisions around whether to renovate or to rebuild, which projects to prioritize and which can safely remain on the back burner for a while.

A solidly rational rationale for decisions proves time and again to be a significant advantage when presenting final proposals to key stakeholders and the community. This advantage is carried out by the number of our assessment-informed projects that have been successful at referendum.