Schmidt Associates celebrated our 40th Anniversary with an open house last Thursday night. We all had a wonderful time reminiscing about the past and looking forward to the future with our clients and coworkers. To give you all a quick recap of the last 40 years, take a look at our infographic and a few words from our leaders below:

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A letter from Wayne Schmidt 

It seems like yesterday I was drafting with an “H” lead pencil and tracing paper the plans for the Kerner House, my first project. I remember explaining to the owner sun orientation was critical to capturing the morning light and protecting against afternoon sun from the west. The owner asked the contractor if that made sense, and he replied he didn’t know – he “just tried to make the house wider than it was deep so it looked bigger from the street.” I got the job! Thank you, Don!

Then there was cleaning of the metal on Miss Victory atop Monument Circle, and our careful study of whether to use walnut shells or glass beads to restore our city’s historic treasure. A television announcer covering the story said his preference was walnut shells. After all Christmas was coming.

Each project has a unique story to tell. AND, I have a unique story to remind me of each of you. However, it may take more than one glass of wine to tell some of them.

My favorite quote is “the world will step aside for anyone who knows where they are going.” It always seemed that each of you understood my goals and aspirations better than I did, because you allowed me to work on such memorable projects. All of you have been a critical part of our firm’s success.

Thank you for your friendship. Cheers to the past 40 years and to the long future ahead of the firm!

– Wayne

A Letter from Sarah Hempstead and Ron Fisher

When Wayne started the firm 40 years ago, he couldn’t predict the future and how the firm would grow. As we look towards the next 40 years, we can only imagine the growth potential. Here are some of the things we hope to accomplish to continue providing value to our clients.

  • Continue to transform lives through exemplary educational spaces and places!
  • Save the planet – one project at a time through energy conscious design and sustainable solutions.
  • Grow geographic reach – looking outside of Indiana.
  • Grow services – what can we provide our clients that currently we do not – let us know if you have ideas!
  • Adapt to technology – continue to be on the forefront with new technology. This could be 3D printers and Virtual Reality, but what will be after that?

We know the future holds great things because of our clients.

– Sarah and Ron