When you decide to open a charter school, you are also tasked with deciding which professionals to partner with and when. It’s beneficial to team with professional firms that are experienced in charter school construction—and to get them involved early in the process. This will typically include professionals in the following industries:

Architect and Engineer – An architect can think comprehensively about the costs associated with designing, renovating, or building a school. Local codes have specific requirements for school construction; knowing the cost implication of those codes upfront will keep you on track. Engaging architects and engineers early who have knowledge in charter school design and construction will help you develop a realistic planning budget.

Realtor – A realtor will help you find the right location. Determining if you will lease, renovate, or build can be time consuming and overwhelming. When your team includes the realtor and design team (architect and engineer), you can quickly explore many options. Your design team will understand your facility needs and be able to quickly assess land and building options for your review and consideration.

Lender – As you look at financing your project, you need to weigh financing options against your target budget. Financial experts who are experienced in charter school construction are great resources to help you find options that best fit your school’s needs.

Legal Counsel – Charter school laws and codes differ from region to region, especially as they relate to construction and funding. Engaging an attorney upfront will streamline the process and help you steer clear of obstacles that can slow you down.

Using local firms and individuals should help maintain the project schedule and minimize project disruptions because they understand local laws, finance requirements, building codes, and regulatory approval processes.

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