Milton, red stapler guy in the classic scene from the movie “Office Space”, whines on the telephone from his cluttered cubicle “if they move my desk one more time…” Milton wouldn’t last at Schmidt Associates. He probably wouldn’t have met our employment predictive analytics criteria at the outset.

As the CEO, I often remind staff and clients we don’t believe in out-of-the-box thinking, which is a really tired cliché, because Schmidt doesn’t believe in boxes. We don’t allow preconceived ideas, concepts, or notions to impact our thinking or finding solutions. That means we are responsive and nimble, proactive or reacting quickly to constantly changing conditions. If you don’t have a box holding you in, you don’t have to worry about thinking outside of it!

This summer an Inside Indiana Business Television’s Culture Matters segment reviewed the productive and unique Schmidt culture and environment. Our staff shifts from one team to another as a long-term project requires. Collaborative space is available to all teams. This builds teamwork and communication as each person is present with the entire team to make spot-on and on-the-spot collaborative decisions, eliminating meetings, endless e-mail chains, and deadly conference calls.

Our culture breeds creative, productive, cool projects for our clients on budget and on time. We’re flexible because we don’t have boxes… or set-in-stone spaces.


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