As much as we may wish for simplicity, our world is increasingly one of complexity. Reality is immune to our wishing. What strategy is required for success today?

One may have an objective, idea(s), even a plan—but between that and execution is a process step that determines satisfaction of outcome in any endeavor. Ignored, we find ourselves wrestling with sub-standard results and an under-current of dissatisfaction. Stress, anyone?

In our industry, design is fundamental. It is our business to navigate the intersections and perils along the yellow brick road so Owners (clients) get their “Emerald City”. When we excel, much that would detract from the destination (or the trip) escapes attention.

If you reach for a certain coffee mug, sigh when “those” jeans are in the wash, or routinely grab a favorite tool, you know the flavor of good design—even if its elements escape you. Larger, more complex matters require substantially greater intelligence, patience, and effort in design, yet are no more noticeable. Oh the woes that ne’er occur and therefore blind our knowing!

We want to understand things, but do not want them to be complicated. Like it or not, much is. Not all answers are a click or sound bite away but are reachable. Design is what can turn small steps for man into giant leaps for mankind.

“Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.”

—Dieter Rams