A new home-like, 10,000-sf office designed by Schmidt Associates, in partnership with CMTA and Three Dot Design, is relocating to a downtown Louisville office tower. To better align its footprint and reflect its company value of putting employees first, KPFF Consulting Engineers’ Louisville office is the newest tenant on the 22nd floor of 500 W. Jefferson. The move will be the first time employees come together in one space.

“There’s a lot of direct and indirect benefits to being visible on one floor,” said Greg Buccola, managing principal of KPFF Louisville. “We’re highly collaborative and interaction is what we thrive on—to be able to look over someone’s shoulder and say, ‘Hey, what have you got going on there?’”

The new office design will include a den, café, family room, and library. Within the 500W building, the lobby has been renovated, and new tenant amenities such as conference rooms, a terrace, fitness center, bourbon bar, and golf simulator are available on the fourth floor.

“With everything on the fourth floor, it allows us to use our space to focus on areas our people need,” Buccola said. “And then when we need corporate training and leadership-type meetings, or we have national leaders coming in, we can use the fourth-floor amenities.”

KPFF Louisville is a regional hub for leaders from Nashville, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Washington D.C., who make frequent trips to Louisville. Therefore, it was important to reinvest in the city’s Central Business District. The firm acted as the structural engineer on the tower’s renovation.

“There’s humble joy and pride getting to be in a building that has all the features and amenities we want, and we worked on it,” Buccola said.

Construction begins in July and will be overseen by Miranda Construction. Anticipated completion is slated for November. Be on the watch for updates on social media.