As we enter into the new year, it’s a good time to look at a few trends that seem to be shaping our future.

1. Smartphone exclusivity – Some predictions suggest that 35% of corporate America will have eliminated the desk phone by the end of 2014 in favor of mobile devices for all communications.

2. Corporate security issues – The criminal element continues to create new methods of sabotage. Theft and vandalism requires systems that continually combat these new methods.

3. Falling business costs – Costs will continue to fall due to mass use of mobile devices as the primary method of communication.
• Smartphone
• Mobile-cost containment
• Mobile “chip wars” will continue
• Laptops will remain, tablets and others to increase
• Increasing processing power
• Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
• Cloud

4. Google’s Android OS – This operating system is predicted to advance further and take over a much larger portion of Apple’s market share.

5. Major carriers will enhance their networks – The enhancement will be needed to accommodate the continued expansion of devices needing faster speeds and more storage.

6. Internet browsing will evolve to the primary function (if it hasn’t already) – How many times per day do you hear, “Just Google it.”

7. Social media will become as important as email to business – If it hasn’t already.

So as the new year approaches, keep an eye on these trends. After all, if these trends continue, who knows what 2015 might bring!