An energy audit helps you identify opportunities to reduce energy usage in your building(s) and save money. Whether you own or operate a retail space, office building, healthcare facility, or school, an energy audit is often the first step to greater energy efficiency and lower operating costs.

Our energy audit is a three-step process:

Energy Audit Step 1




Before we ever set foot on your property, we start by getting a grasp on the current state of your systems and energy usage. We review your building design drawings and familiarize ourselves with your lighting, mechanical, and control systems. We also review a year’s worth of your utility bills if possible. Don’t have these handy? We can often work with your utility company to acquire these on your behalf.


Energy Audit Step 2




Next, our engineers do a walk-through of your facility or campus. We look at your building envelope, inspect lighting and HVAC equipment, and review your control system settings. We also conduct an interview with your facility manager to understand facility operation, problem areas, and planned or needed projects.

Energy Audit Step 3




Our team then reviews the site visit data and observations. We outline specific measures to reduce energy consumption in your facility. These measures can range from lighting upgrades to updating aging HVAC equipment to control system changes. We determine the cost of implementing these measures, estimate the resulting energy savings, identify incentives you can receive from your utility company for implementation, and calculate your overall return on investment. This all goes into a final report that we review with you.

After we’ve completed your energy audit, we can work with you or any contractors you use to implement our recommendations.

Ready to start your energy audit? Contact our Energy and Optimization Manager, Bill Gruen.