Good building design should consider how its interior environment not only functions well for its users and visitors, but also how it inspires and appeals emotionally. Art is a vibrant component of many inspiring building interiors—and sometimes exteriors as well. Art humanizes any environment, making it more relevant to us as a society.

In our work at Schmidt Associates, we seek out these opportunities for artistic expression—both within the building design itself, but also in developing opportunities for the placement of art as part of a project or for later placement by our Building Owners. Strong examples of this latter opportunity include the Johnson Center for Fine Arts at Franklin College. In this facility, one can find a custom backlit dichroic glass building “plaque” designed by the firm, a gallery for flexible placement of work, and niches throughout created specifically for placement of sculptures and wall art panels. At the Evans Center for Health Sciences at Marian University, a primary project goal was to incorporate the institution’s Catholic iconography into the building in a well-considered and artistic way, addressing the spiritual needs of the building’s occupants. The art brings a meaningful vibrancy to the building.

Johnson Center for Fine Arts Artwork

Johnson Center for Fine Arts

When you next visit our offices, you’ll note that Schmidt Associates has taken this approach to heart in our own work environment. We have placed four new works of art in the public areas and conference rooms of the first floor. The works, by three local artists through the Eye On Art Gallery in Carmel, will rotate regularly and are available for purchase as well. We are excited to share them with you, so please take a look at them on your visit.