Centrally located in Indianapolis, the Indiana Farm Bureau Fall Creek Pavilion stands tall, not just as a structure but as an example of innovative lighting design. This blog truly sheds light on the unique features designed by the Schmidt Associates engineering team that make the lighting design at the Indiana Farm Bureau Fall Creek Pavilion stand out. Let’s go inside.

Remote Control Mastery
One of the features of the Indiana Farm Bureau Fall Creek Pavilion’s lighting design is the integration of a system that provides the Owner with complete control from anywhere. Whether occupied or vacant, the Owner can manipulate light settings for a layer of convenience and contribute to the efficiency of energy usage, creating a sustainable and cost-effective solution.

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Emergency Lighting Redefined
With buildings of this size and scope, safety is paramount, and the Pavilion’s emergency lighting system is evidence of this commitment. The centralized inverter system eliminates the need for risky maneuvers like climbing ladders or lifts to change out fixtures. This not only enhances safety, but also simplifies maintenance, so that the emergency lighting is always in optimal working condition.

Built-In Flexibility
Recognizing the Fall Creek Pavilion as a multipurpose venue, the Owners sought a lighting system that was basic and flexible. Schmidt Associates engineers rose to this challenge by creating a system that is simple yet equipped with built-in flexibility. This foresight will enable seamless adaptation to diverse event needs, making the Pavilion a dynamic and versatile space.

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Specialized Lighting
In anticipation of future sporting events, Schmidt Associates engineers collaborated with a sports lighting designer with an eye for the capacity to include full network broadcasting capabilities when appropriate. This thoughtful coordination demonstrates a commitment to partnerships leading to the versatility of the venue.

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A Mechanical and Lighting Wonder
The magnitude of the Indiana Farm Bureau Fall Creek Pavilion demanded intricate coordination between electrical and mechanical engineers. This challenge was met head-on, with constant collaboration between the engineering teams to complete expansive air and duct work seamlessly to complement the lighting design. The result is a harmonious case of function and form, where every element works together to create a visually pleasing and efficient space with no unfortunate shadowed areas.

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A Project of Empowerment
For Schmidt Associates’ Eric Graul, the lighting, power, and fire alarm project lead, the Indiana Farm Bureau Fall Creek Pavilion holds a special place. Having been on the electrical engineering team since 2015, Graul recognizes the project’s significance.

“What stands out is not just the intricacies of the lighting design, but the number of individuals whose lives will be touched by the Pavilion. It’s the most high-profile project I’ve worked on, and it’s a groundbreaking example that sets a new standard for other state fairgrounds to follow.”

A Future-Focused Legacy
The Indiana Farm Bureau Fall Creek Pavilion demonstrates the power of better foresight in design. From remote control capabilities to specialized lighting for sporting events, every aspect has been meticulously crafted to meet current needs and adapt to evolving requirements. It also shows what can be achieved when innovation meets practicality and leaves a legacy for the community and a blueprint for those who follow it.

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A gifted architect and problem solver with an infectious energy and keen business sense, Sarah Hempstead, AIA, LEED AP,  is CEO and principal of Schmidt Associates. She leads teams with humor, discipline, and expertise, engaging stakeholders, leading charrettes, and navigating construction complexities. With her natural leadership skills, Sarah inspires teams to share the Owner’s passion and bring their vision to life. Whether facing challenges or seeking a fresh perspective, Sarah is a resource for bringing years of experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence and success.