The Marian University E.S. Witchger School of Engineering design team stands as a collaborative force exemplifying innovation and expertise in engineering. Led by Principal-in-Charge of Engineering Eric Broemel, Mechanical Engineer Andrew Eckrich crafted an ingenious mechanical system that serves as the backbone of their groundbreaking projects. David McDowell seamlessly complemented Eckrich’s efforts by skillfully navigating the intricate realm of controls system work. Kyle Vice lent his talents to plumbing design for a comprehensive and efficient infrastructure. Seth Mathis, with his professional prowess developed an electrifying dimension to their creations. Guiding the contractors with precision Construction Administrator Eric Eisberg played a pivotal role leading to the theoretical brilliance that translated seamlessly into tangible success. Together, this assembly of diverse talents within Schmidt Associates not only brought dreams to life but set a new standard for collaborative excellence in engineering design.