Mass Ave. has been the beating heart of downtown Indianapolis for three centuries. Generations of merchants and residents have lived, worked, and played on Mass Ave. And during the last 10 years, we have seen new condos, shops, and restaurants; the Cultural Trail; public art; and new infrastructure—all of which has made Mass Ave the hottest destination in town.

Schmidt Associates moved to Mass Ave (next door to the Old Point Tavern) in the early 1980’s, so our architects, planners, and team members have watched the area grow every single day. Today, Schmidt Associates is honored to be a part of the next chapter of Mass Ave’s development.

The City of Indianapolis this morning selected a new development team—JC Hart, Mass Ave Capital Investments, and Schmidt Associates—to redevelop the existing Indianapolis Fire Department building on Mass Ave.

Anyone who has walked down Mass Ave near the Murat or the Rathskeller has seen this fire station. Although it served the city well for many years, the city decided to move the station and repurpose the site into a new economic and cultural engine for Mass Ave and the entire city.

This project is vital to the connectivity and continued growth of Mass Ave. With a new mixed-use, multi-family project, both sides of the Avenue will be a continuous and connected corridor of economic and cultural vibrancy, bringing more individuals and families downtown.

Schmidt Associates has worked on many projects like this one, and has incorporated the opportunities of inspirational places in the design of this new project. Along with our private and public sector partners, Schmidt Associates’ team has created a transformational design that will highlight the creativity and vibrancy of Mass Ave.

We believe this project will become an iconic piece of the Indianapolis landscape that continues to create business and cultural opportunities through innovative design.

Schmidt Associates is honored to be a part of this great effort to make our city a vibrant metropolis where people want to live, work, and play.