Happy New Year from all of us at Schmidt Associates. As the calendar flips to a new year, it’s a time of reflection and aspiration for many, including the dynamic team at Schmidt Associates. Our talented professionals are setting their sights on new personal and professional goals as they step into the year with renewed energy and commitment. Here are a few of the lofty goals and resolutions set by team members.

Krystlyn is determined to cleara significant professional hurdle by completing the Landscape Architecture Registration Exam (LARE). But her aspirations don’t stop there. She’s also committed to giving back to the community through increased volunteering and continuing to fuel her creative spirit by making more art. Learn more about Krystlyn’s impact at Schmidt Associates.

Emanual is committed to increasing his faithfulness to God and to reacting in a timely manner to his prompts. In 2023, Palmeri launched a homeless initiative with Architectural Graduate Alvin Laguerre where the dynamic duo solicited the help of Schmidt Associates employees to make up care packages that are being regularly donated to homeless individuals throughout Indianapolis. In Palmeri’s own words, “I know what I have experienced, and I cannot say anything other than what I have personally witnessed. He is God. He is good.”

For Megan, 2024 is a year of fresh starts and deep connections. Professionally, she’s adapting to her new role at Schmidt Associates, developing work routines and rituals tailored to her responsibilities. On a personal level, she’s focused on strengthening her bond with her mother, who’s planning a move to a senior living community. Despite the distance, Megan is finding new ways to deepen their relationship. See how Megan Smith is restoring Wigwam Village.

Julie is honing her leadership and mentoring skills, with a focus on enhancing Schmidt Associates’ brand presence across various sectors. She’s also streamlining our digital engagement strategies, delving into SEO and GA4 to boost our online visibility and audience understanding. Complementing her professional ambitions, Julie has set a personal goal of walking 1,200 miles this year, emphasizing her dedication to a healthy work-life balance.

Myrisha is on a mission to become a licensed architect in Indiana by her 30th birthday in June. Her goals don’t end with her professional life; she’s also committed to leading a healthier lifestyle and introducing her twin girls to the joys of swimming. Read more about Myrisha and the student mentoring success.

JM is looking forward to spending more time with family on the road in 2024. While he’s uncertain where they will travel, a commitment to traveling together to see the sights and experience the sounds of the open road is in his future.

A Year of Growth and Achievement
As these team members embark on their journeys of growth and achievement, Schmidt Associates stands behind them, supporting their aspirations and celebrating their successes. Their individual goals illustrate a collective spirit of continual improvement and dedication, which are hallmarks of our firm’s culture.

Here’s to a year of reaching new heights, fostering connections, and positively impacting both our professional work and personal lives.

Do you or your organization have a New Year’s Resolution or design goal for 2024? Write us at marketing@schmidt-arch.com and tell us how we can support and work with you.