Luminate: Navigating the Unknown Through Creative Leadership

From navigating everyday team operations, carrying maximum impact in the boardroom, and being a community visionary, outstanding leaders use their experiences to create success. As servant leaders, the Schmidt Associates team brings you Luminate: Navigating the Unknown Through Creative Leadership.

In the episodes below, we speak with executives and leadership experts to uncover their achievements, watershed moments, and the turning points that have shaped their careers. Along the way, you’ll hear about their influences, what it takes to build strength and stability, and learn lessons anyone in business can appreciate.

In Episode 2, you’ll hear from Kasey Maier of the Waterfront Botanical Gardens. And don’t forget to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts so you don’t miss future episodes.


Episode 2 Summary

As President and CEO of the Waterfront Botanical Gardens in Louisville, Ky., Kasey Maier and her team turned a former city landfill into one of the strongest examples of sustainability and education by developing a landscape architectural paradise. After a little more than nine years, she has not only taken the organization’s vision from a paper concept to a community asset with over 1,200 members and 20,000 visitors annually, she’s also continued her legacy of growth and leadership through the development of a two-acre, world-class Japanese garden designed by international Master Landscaper Shiro Nakane. As she and her team prepare to break ground on this exciting, first-of-its-kind project for the city, Louisville’s sustainability story continues to be told.

In this episode, Maier shares how she’s pulled from her community for innovation and opportunities, the lessons and perspectives she’s learned, and how she has surrounded herself with experts to embark upon an ambitious journey.