Introducing Luminate

Luminate: Navigating the Unknown Through Creative Leadership

From navigating everyday team operations, carrying maximum impact in the boardroom and being a community visionary, outstanding leaders use their experiences to create success. As servant leaders, the Schmidt Associates team brings you Luminate: Navigating the Unknown Through Creative Leadership.

In this podcast, we speak with executives and leadership experts to uncover their achievements, watershed moments, and the turning points that have shaped their careers. Along the way, you’ll hear about their influences, what it takes to build strength and stability, and learn lessons anyone in business can appreciate.

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Episode Summary

For over 34 years, Indiana State Fair Commission Executive Director Cindy Hoye has been celebrating the Hoosier spirit through agricultural heritage, creating a welcoming community, and drawing attention to all things Indiana. Simultaneously, she’s working to increase annual Fair attendance and revenue streams as she and her team work to make the Fairgrounds a place where happiness happens all year. As the annual tradition kicks off in Indianapolis, Hoye discusses her experiences as a leader, what’s in store for this year’s event, and what it means to be the mayor of the most interesting town in Indiana for 18 days in August.