Join us on a journey through the remarkable Bureau Fall Creek Pavilion, where architecture, engineering, interior design, and construction seamlessly blend to celebrate Indiana’s rich agricultural heritage.

Meet the visionary architects who skillfully merged modern designs with historical essence, shaping 196,000 SF of space that narrates Indiana’s agricultural legacy.

Our creative engineering team crafted solutions that ensured comfort for fairgoers, exhibitors, and even livestock. Get to know the experts behind the scenes.

Step inside the Bureau Fall Creek Pavilion and experience the work of our exceptional Interior Designer, Laura Hardin. Her touch brought beauty and functionality to every corner.

Tom Stapleton, our construction administrator, orchestrated the Pavilion’s creation, ensuring precision, adherence to design, and timely completion. A pivotal role indeed.

Applauding our extraordinary AE team for their remarkable contributions to the Indiana Farm Bureau Fall Creek Pavilion. Functional spaces, community impact—truly exceptional.