You may be convinced that you need an energy audit in the building(s) you manage. But if you need approval from your owner, CFO, or someone else to sign on the dotted line, you may have to make your case.

Share with your boss these five reasons you need an energy audit:

1. Energy Audits Save Money

Typically, the most compelling reason to get an energy audit is to save money. While the recommendations that come out of an energy audit can range in the amount of investment they require to implement, the ongoing operational savings that result are often significant—up to thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, depending on your property size or number of buildings.

Plus, we calculate all the expenses and savings in the energy audit report, so you know up front what your overall budget and return will look like.

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2. Energy Audits Earn Rebate Dollars

More good news: your utility provider may incentivize energy efficient work. This means you can get money back for installing new, efficient equipment or making other upgrades, which can subsidize a significant portion of your initial implementation cost. Some utility providers will even pay for the energy audit itself. Not sure what your utility provider offers? We identify any incentive programs your work would qualify for right in the energy audit report.

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3. Energy Efficiency Helps Retain Existing Tenants

An energy audit doesn’t just help decrease the electricity your facility uses every day. It also identifies building and mechanical system improvements that can make your tenants more comfortable, reduce their complaints and maintenance requests, and even make their businesses run better.

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4. Energy Audits Save Time

Fixing issues and making improvements that increase your building’s energy efficiency also makes your systems run better on a daily basis. This in turn can help reduce tenant complaints and maintenance requests. This saves building management and maintenance staff valuable time and resources spent on responding to work orders. An energy audit can free up hours in the day for other tasks and make your entire operation more efficient.

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5. Energy Efficiency Can Attract New Tenants

In addition to improving existing tenant satisfaction, the results of an energy audit can help improve your company’s reputation. Efficiency and environmental sustainability are important to today’s consumers, so investing time and resources into energy conservation is good for your brand. Plus, happy tenants with well-functioning facilities are the best referrals.

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