Now that the construction dust has settled and life in our renewed work space is finding its rhythm, we at Schmidt Associates are taking that all important moment to glance back and muse (if right-brain), or take account (if left brain). This reflection is a completion of an energy sequence that typifies major undertakings—and one has not truly finished a process without it. It’s how we grow and learn to “know”.

Any significant undertaking requires a long, hard look forward—visualizing what could be, how it could come about, and what the costs and consequences could be. Massive energy is spent in possibility thinking. Once decided and set in motion, all that energy shifts into the moment—like a runner in a race who knows the goal but is totally engaged in this step, this breath, this heartbeat.

Hopefully we are engaged in an undertaking that is achievable, well-conceived. and ultimately successful (as we may define it). If so, we reach the finish, energy spent. But even if success evades us, wisdom suggests pausing a moment to evaluate, appreciate, and celebrate our creative effort as we recover our energy.

Challenges come—some thrust upon us—some by choice; we can respond creatively either way. The more creative energy cycles we complete, the more we grow and know.