Schmidt Associates has been working with Hoosier Energy in Bloomington for approximately 18 months to create a well-defined, long-term plan that addresses their operational needs. The long range plan is focused on preserving the mission and vision of the organization, getting input from all impacted workforce, looking at upgrades to the facility to address current maintenance needs and future growth, and anticipating the short- and long-term impacts of the new I-69 corridor on the Hoosier Energy staff and operations.

From this plan, Hoosier Energy has decided to relocate their Operations Group to a new site in Owen County. The new 90-acre site will have a small office building to house system control and the design and planning groups, as well as a warehouse facility that will accommodate many of their repair and maintenance needs.

Hoosier Energy is committed to creating energy efficient facilities. As part of this project, Hoosier Energy has decided to pursue an Energy Star rating on both buildings to ensure that clear goals are set for the design and construction team, and that will allow Hoosier Energy to monitor and clearly communicate their energy savings to their Board.

In order to hit the targets outlined by Energy Star, Hoosier Energy is looking at using a VRV mechanical system, radiant floor heating in tempered warehouse spaces, LED lighting, improved insulation values on the exterior of the building, and a white membrane roof on the warehouse.