What if I told you that utility companies will pay you to reduce your utility bill? Is that too good to believe? Well, believe it! “Energizing Indiana” offers energy efficiency programs that bring savings to communities across the state. With programs for homes, schools, businesses, and commercial facilities, Energizing Indiana provides education, tools, and incentives (rebates) to improve efficiency and conserve energy.

If you are a residential customer you can sign up for a free home energy assessment—which can even include the installation of low cost energy savings measures such as CFL bulbs, efficient sink aerators, and shower heads.

Schmidt Associates serves our clients by exploring available incentives (rebates) as a part of our project design. Many of our clients qualify under Energizing Indiana’s commercial program. We understand how to navigate the complex analyses to enable the most cost effective decisions. We are also experienced in preparing the required documentation to obtain the available incentives (rebate dollars).

Two projects for the Lake Central School Corporation provide a great example of this service. As part of the design of a new elementary school and an addition/remodel of their high school, Schmidt Associates’ engineers identified 14 different energy saving incentive programs enabling the Owner to receive rebate checks totaling more than $138,000. Yes, you can be paid by your utility to reduce your bill!

To learn more about Energizing Indiana, visit their website:

To learn more about the Lake Central High School project, visit the project blog here: https://lchsroomconcepts.blogspot.com/