Human nature is fascinating. Even if the calendar did not impose consideration of providence, reconciliation, and good will upon us as we wisely designed it to, war weariness would. This applies to all of our ‘warring’ behaviors—including contentious elections. Few of us have endless appetites for fighting. We turn from it to restore our spirit.

Notice that no one cares much about politics when hurricanes strike, explosions shatter neighborhoods, or the holidays accentuate the desperation of those with few options. Shared humanness is the bottom line that trumps dividing lines. Then we draw together and hold on to each other while the world shakes. It is as much in our nature to lay aside differences for life to proceed as it is to take issue with one another.

Witness also, as the year winds down, how millions gather in our imperfectly perfect families, friend circles, and faith groups to celebrate long-held traditions of gratitude, forgiveness, and peace. Faithfully we do this, year after year, regardless of wars, elections, or disputes with one another. The heart of humanity keeps showing up.

Bring the love inside you to a table of those who matter, and your heart will feast. Gather with caring others, and everyone leaves with more than they came with. Hit the pause button. Just BE—together.

“So, let us not be blind to our differences – but let us also direct attention to our common interests and to the means by which those differences can be resolved.”

— John F. Kennedy