How, you might ask, does one get a new address, but stay in the same location? Create a new entrance! In our case not altogether new—our back door has become our front door, redesigned because an entrance is a very important thing! Ask any woman.

Especially if one is an architectural firm, turning oneself around must be done with style, grace, and good design principles—which is not as easy as it may sound. This, like all renovations, has created upheaval that took its toll on associates trying to get work done amidst the chaos. We call it training in client empathy.

Things often feel worse while getting better, and in an exasperating way, it serves for us to experience that first hand. Our work routinely puts Owners (clients) in trying  circumstances while projects are under construction. We can honestly say that we try harder to keep that stress down for Owners—especially now since we know how it feels.

Now that the turmoil of this change is behind us, we like the results. Mass Ave is representative of the happening place Indianapolis continues to become, and we have frequently played behind-the-scenes roles in our city’s evolution. It seems fitting that we face the future more visibly from our old home/new address—415 Massachusetts Avenue.

“The shortest distance between two points is under construction.”

— Noelie Altito