Q&A Session with Tom Neff

Just sitting down for a friendly conversation with Tom Neff—Principal—you can understand why he leads our K-12 Studio. It’s always an interesting education and a fantastic conversation!       Tell me about your background I grew up in Coshocton, Ohio, and attended The Ohio State University—one of the last Beaux Arts programs in the […]

Construction Manager as Constructor

For public institutions, there are three project delivery methods approved by state law:  Design-Bid-Build Design-Build Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc) In this blog, we will discuss Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc)—a new construction project delivery method signed into law in March 2014. Public educational institutions have been able to use the CMc method since that […]

Using Cost Analysis to Tell the Story

Quality cost analyses are important to share with not only the Owner, but the design and construction team. Updating them throughout the life a project helps ensure the result is what everyone expected. There are multiple ways to do a cost analysis, but here’s an overview of what it means at Schmidt Associates. So, what […]


Megan Scott, Marketing Manager       _____________ The Serving Leader By Kenneth R. Jennings and John Stahl-Wert This book touches on five actions that can help transform your team, business, and community. It tells a great story that demonstrates what Servant Leadership (a core value at Schmidt Associates) is through real life examples. There are […]

Iterations and Evolutions

Design discovery is a process, not an event. It involves developmental steps which consider and refine more and more information as it moves towards becoming a reality. It is not always a linear process, sometimes turning back on itself to reconsider a previous direction and chart a new one. The path of a design process […]

Welcome to our WOYS (What’s On Your Shelf) Series

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to take the time to read more books in 2017. Books are a way to disconnect from the hustle and bustle, allowing us to dive into another world. Or books can serve as an inspiration, a motivator, or a new perspective on life. But it can be hard to find […]

Q&A Session with Charlie Wilson

After signing up for an intercorporate training program in 1988 at Arlington High School, Charlie Wilson–Plumbing Designer and one of our newest Associates—spent a half day in the classroom and the other half day in an architecture and engineering office training to be an architect and draftsman. Not long after he began that job working […]

Brighter Today, Better Tomorrow

This time of year—when color, light, and warmth have faded from the natural world—is the perfect time for us to create our own. And we do! We know the antidote to spirits grown worn and weary. If it momentarily escapes us, we soon rediscover it in the eyes of a child or someone in love. […]