Sarah Hempstead: Design Manifesto

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Office Everywhere

In the forty years since Schmidt Associates has been designing work spaces, building and business owners have had a lot of new pressures placed on their shoulders, thanks in large part to the ways in which the latest working generations have approached the way they earn a living. The Rise of the 1099 Economy The […]

A Way that Works

Originally we were an autocracy—just one man establishing an architectural business. That worked awhile. As the business idea became reality and the firm grew, additional human capital was necessary. Each unit of human potential joining our ranks came with hands, mind, and ideas of their own—a good thing since there was much to do and […]

What’s Old Is New Again

When Schmidt Associates began 40 years ago, many of the buildings that would be in use today were already built. The national standards for rehabilitation were a year away from being formalized, and the Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentive program was just a few weeks old. It’s no wonder that some of the company’s favorite […]

Q&A Session with Sarah Hempstead

Whether it’s because of the Wonder Woman Barbie at her desk, the occasional client gift of glittered boots, or possibly the abundance of chicken stories, one conversation with Sarah Hempstead, AIA, LEED AP, and you will know she isn’t just a typical female in a male-dominated industry. Below, we sit down to have a conversation […]

Bringing Your Home to Work

When Schmidt Associates began in the mid-70’s, office design was based largely on the assumption that a worker was assigned a single, functional space, suited to a single task. The idea of comfort in the workplace was confined largely to the individual’s desk and focused on things like surface space, storage, and ergonomic design of […]