Part Three: When Did you Know?

This third series of “when did you know?” focuses on a few staff members from our construction administration and engineering team, each telling us about their “aha moment” in life. My uncle was a home builder, and most of our family worked there. I went to work summers on a framing crew in my early teens. I just always […]


These past few months while we were considering the five pillars of trust necessary to lead a team of jet pilots through tight aerobatic routines and how those criteria apply to leadership at large, the nation has been having a larger discussion about leadership. Many citizens do value character, commitment, competence, connection, and communication. They […]

The Tenant Build-Out Design Process

Tenant improvement/build-out projects occur when a commercial real estate agency works with a building owner to lease an entire building or a suite within a building. When a prospective tenant wants to lease a space, their space needs could vary widely, but they typically need: Additional Restrooms Private Offices Accommodations for additional technology Interior Finishes […]

Create Efficiency and Enhance Effectiveness with Student Enrollment

First things first, a “One Stop” is best defined as a central place to meet with an academic advisor, register for class, pay tuition, etc. A model for excellence in integrated student service, a college One Stop ensures customer convenience and enables the best possible customer service for students. Ultimately, One Stops should make the process of […]