Designing for Accessibility

At Schmidt Associates, we’ve been sensitive to the design needs of those with disabilities for a long time. For one of our more recent projects, The Erskine Green Training Institute and Courtyard Muncie, we met with Self-Advocates from The Arc of Indiana before jumping into the planning and design process. Several Advocates use wheelchairs and […]

When Did you Know?

Have you ever had a pivotal “aha moment” in life? That moment where something just… clicks! Whatever profession or industry you are currently in, you probably had one of those moments where you realized “this is truly what I want to do.” We are starting a series called “when did you know?” that will reveal […]

Show Me

We are midway through George Dom’s illumination of the Blue Angels’ leadership model gleaned from his experience as C.O. and flight leader in the 1980s. The world’s best aerobatic team operates on a platform of trust built on five core competencies. These are the determinants for all effective leadership. Could asking questions that reveal these […]

Designing a One Stop that transforms the Student Experience

American Association of Community Colleges Annual Conference April 10, 2016 Kevin Shelley, Anne Penny Valentine (Ivy Tech Community College) Serving a diverse student population with diverse needs creates challenges for community colleges seeking to improve the student enrollment experience. Ivy Tech Community College decided one stop could transform the enrollment experience. Less than two years […]

Inspiring a Drive to Create

I had the pleasure of speaking to the Senior Designers at Purdue University for their Professional Development course this week. It is always great to step back into the classroom and talk about our industry from a professional level while reflecting back on my experience preparing for graduation and finding the job that is the […]