Hey Sport!

All Indianapolis mayoral administrations of recent decades will testify that professional sports are essential to the city’s financial health. The same is true in cities across the nation—and benefits do not end on the bottom line. Sport enterprise pumps money through the community, draws desirable residents, commerce, and industry, and instills vitality in the culture. […]

ENR Regional Best

Award of Merit in Office/Retail/Mixed-Use Hoosier Energy Headquarters Project Description As an electric power cooperative, Hoosier Energy serves as the primary power supplier for central and southern Indiana and southeastern Illinois. The company’s daily efforts to manage the power needs of its 18 member distribution systems brings an intense focus on energy use and consumption. […]

Philosophy of Space Planning and Design

In order to produce a strong space plan and design, Schmidt Associates believes a proven process must be followed. In simplest form, the process can be defined as having five main components:   Mission and Goals A “Core Group” comprised of key decision-makers will help define the objectives, desired culture, and vision. By creating common […]