Hasten Slowly

“Make haste slowly” was the motto of Emperor Augustus who found rash behavior abhorrent especially in military command. Emperor Titus expressed the same, having Roman coins inscribed with the motif of a dolphin entwined about an anchor. The tireless speed of a dolphin and the grounding stability of an anchor were symbols Romans could readily […]

Designing Spaces for a College of Osteopathic Medicine

What kinds of spaces does a modern college of osteopathic medicine need?  Classrooms and labs, right?  Yes, but the details are a little more complicated. When we started designing the Michael A. Evans Center for Health Sciences at Marian University, we looked at both the requirements for a medical school and the environment students would […]

Crime prevention through environmental design

As communities work on neighborhood revitalization, one strategy of note is to deter crime through design. When Schmidt Associates studies opportunities in a neighborhood, we use a variety of crime deterrence design strategies including; Natural Surveillance – adding first floor windows onto the street, lowering hedges and fences, providing proper lighting, all provide both the […]