Elevate Your Expectations for Downtown Development, Part III

In my Indianapolis Business Journal column listing 10 things Indianapolis could do to make our already thriving downtown an even better place to live, the third item was: Mix in more housing individuals can afford. Starter living units with lower price points will lure sought-after young professionals earlier. Energy consumption will make housing and retail […]

Leadership Moment from April

Ford Motor Company provided an exemplary model of communicating their core value when they launched “Quality is Job One”. That concise message not only informed prospective buyers where Ford’s major emphasis was placed, it communicated to Ford’s employees the intention they were to fulfill. The word may seem a nebulous abstraction but “value” is the […]

Look Up

With the recent launch of Look Up, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) is working “to reconnect the public with architecture and position new generations of architects as catalysts of growth and visionaries for renewal.” Since its inception, Schmidt Associates has a legacy of active AIA generational involvement whose roots lie in servant leadership, a […]