The Importance of Art in Buildings

Good building design should consider how its interior environment not only functions well for its users and visitors, but also how it inspires and appeals emotionally. Art is a vibrant component of many inspiring building interiors—and sometimes exteriors as well. Art humanizes any environment, making it more relevant to us as a society. In our […]

Leadership Moment from December

She was six, despairingly sad, and too young to get the “we give according to our means” model of charity. Her happiness about what was under the tree for her only made worse the grief she felt—not being able to give each family member something splendid in return. It was time to learn of the […]

Higher Education Alphabet Soup

In mid-September, Schmidt Associates posted an online quiz called “Higher Education Archibabble – Knowledgeable or Naïve.” As part of the quiz, there were several acronyms (a.k.a. alphabet soup) which described higher education trends, teaching methodologies, etc. Since then, we’ve been asked to elaborate on the acronyms, as well as to share how these concepts are […]