Second in the Series of Four Core Principles of Design at Schmidt Associates – A Closer Look at the Strategic Principle

The purpose behind design at Schmidt Associates is to act passionately and intentionally out of our Core Principles of Design, which are the mirrors of our kaleidoscope. The first of these principles is to be Strategic.  Design solutions respond to this principle most strongly by responding to the context of the client in the built […]

Leadership Moment for February

Eye-level above Wayne Schmidt’s desk hangs an original canvas by Steve Stoller—once a starving artist. When homeless, Stoller and his wife Francy had taken up residence in a commercial property Wayne owned on Mass Ave. Needing to insure the building and wanting to foster some humane, temporary solution for his unexpected guests, Wayne commissioned the […]

Third in the Series: What are the Critical Steps in Designing a Geothermal System

With a growing trend toward sustainability, Schmidt Associates has received an increasing number of inquiries about geothermal heating systems. We are also designing geothermal systems for a variety of projects. This is the third in a series explaining the technology. Design procedure is critical when you are selecting a geothermal system to provide heating, cooling, […]

Eight Drivers and Economic Factors Affecting Changing Technology

Technology seems to be changing at lightning speed. But, what drives this constant evolution? Money – Manufacturers of devices and systems that we use will continue to develop applications to serve our needs. The need to generate revenues motivates this process. Mobility – We are a species that does not want to be restricted. We […]