How do you measure the benefit of a hug? Measuring the impact of the softer side of life is difficult. When our language, metrics or process strategies cannot do us justice, we occupy ourselves with other “things”.

This inadequacy is troublesome; it’s what makes the figure 165,000 dissatisfying. 165,000 is how many people the Peace Learning Center (PLC) has served since its inception 15 years ago.  However, it conveys little of its value. What could be improved in a city, a business, a school, or a home by changing its culture? THAT is the mother lode! PLC is shifting consciousness and culture so Indianapolis becomes a flag-ship city of inclusion, engagement, and synergy for a diverse citizenry. Indy will not be a Detroit or Cleveland.

PLC is leading the way by offering wide array of programs customizable to company, school, or group preferences. If your interest is individual consider some of the Focus 2020 workshops offered at PLC. Discover that diversity education is not political correctness, that conflict resolution does not require giving up, and communication has little to do with speaking prowess.

Now is your chance to have a positive impact! Focus 2020 will be announcing grant recipients this month—encouraging citizens to launch their own projects to make Indianapolis the most welcoming and inclusive of cities by its 2020 bicentennial. Moving energy—so hard to measure!