Schmidt Associates was founded on the guiding principle of Servant Leadership. It threads through interactions we have internally and externally, resulting in a constant search to add value to every project. By operating as servant leaders, our designs consistently surprise and delight, technology solutions deliver true efficiencies, and environments become a place where people are better able to pursue their goals and fulfill their potential.

We asked a handful of employees to describe how Schmidt Associates demonstrates Servant Leadership:

BenBen Bain, Associate

In my role, I see that coming forth before we ever start working with a client. We listen. Over the years, clients tell me how other firms had great designs but didn’t seem to be working for the client but for themselves. It is nice to hear that Schmidt Associates not only gives sound advice and ideas, but that we truly listen to the clients’ needs. We become a part of their community in a genuine way because of how we serve. 




Liam KeeslingLiam Keesling, Interior Designer

As a firm, we are grounded in Servant Leadership. It is what makes us different; we are there from the very beginning until the very end and even beyond. This has been true for every project I have been on so far. We don’t just throw ideas at them and tell them this is the only way something will work. We sit them down to go through options and answer all questions first. They, in turn, feel comfortable with us because we’ve slowly earned trust through simply listening to them. It is rewarding, as their designer, to be a part of that experience with them.



tricia smithTricia Smith, Company Ambassador 

You see it internally just as much as how we deal with our Owners. You can see and feel Servant Leadership throughout the entire office, from the very top down to the newest employee. It is putting yourself second and doing whatever is possible for someone else when they need it. In our office, anyone would step up and help me however I needed it to get the job done.




brandon foxBrandon Fox, Project Architect

Our team knows what they are doing. They come into a project and leave their preconceived notions at the door. We listen to the clients, taking their feedback to build out the design so it fits them.




If you want to learn more about how we serve our Owners or what we can do for you, reach out!