Schmidt Associates is looking for a dynamic individual to join the organization in a Construction Administration Management capacity.


Ability to provide leadership in the construction process with applied experience to drive construction through Design and Construction Phases.


  • Project Strategies – Participate in design discussions from cost and construction perspective. Advise on construction sequencing to meet Owner’s schedule. Develop and implement strategies to complete construction on schedule.
  • Design Phase – Provide a Quality Assurance Checkpoint during key Design and Construction Documentation Mileposts. Provide Constructability input during Design and Documentation. Serve as a technical / construction resource to the Project Team.
  • Construction Phase – Function as the Contractor’s primary daily contact. Monitor the construction schedule and identify any conditions which may cause a delay in completion. Lead construction coordination meetings.  Issue agendas and meeting notes. Observe tests required by the Contract Documents. Coordinate with the Project Manager design disciplines for submittal review. Review all Contractor submittals, claims and pay requests.  Review recommended action with Project Manager.   Receive Contractor’s R.F.I.’s, obtain answers from appropriate sources and issue A.S.I.’s. Initiate and issue Change Request and Change Orders.
    • This includes:
      • Obtaining technical descriptions and drawings from Architects / Engineers.
      • Maintaining Proposal Request / Change Order Log.
      • Reviewing Contractor quotations, obtaining Architect / Engineer comments, and preparing recommendations.
      • Obtaining Project Manager / Owner authorization to proceed with Change and issue Change Order.
  • Full Time On-Site Representation (Optional Service) – Represent the Owner by maintaining a site office to review construction progress and compliance to the design. Maintain a log of daily activities at the site. Maintain a field set of Construction Documents indicating installed conditions. Maintain a field shop-drawing file.


  • 8-10 years of Construction Administration experience
  • Experience in an AE or Construction Firm preferred
  • MEP a plus

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